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funding for crossroads cafe was provided in part... by the departments of education of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service.
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- jamal ! - what ? i'm sorry. i just wish the phone would ring. any word yet ? -it seems like forever since the paramedics left. -rosa should have called by now. i hope mr. brashov is all right. perhaps our phone is not working. well, it was worth a try. hello ? it's rosa. - oh, good. - what ? what does she say ? what ? mr. brashov is all right. they say he's had a mild heart attack.
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they say he's out of danger. what's that, rosa ? she said that he's already argued with two of the nurses. yes, that is a good sign. not if you're one of those nurses. can we visit him tonight ? rosa, are visitors allowed tonight ? she says no visitors until tomorrow. well, rosa tell mr. brashov that we wish him well... and that we'll be by to see him tomorrow. okay, bye, rosa. i am surprised we cannot visit him tonight. when my uncle was sick back home, friends and family stayed with him all night. we even brought him his meals. well i'm glad we don't have that system here. - why ? - we could go broke keeping victor's stomach full. i'll see you all tomorrow. let's clean up, then go home and get some rest. i am telling you, nurse, i am feeling much better now, so if you don't mind i would ke tturn toy ca.
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rosa ! please tell the nurse how important it is for me to get back to work. you know, he's not supposed to have visitors until tomorrow. i'm not going to stay long. i was just taking care of some paperwork for mr. brashov. okay, if you just stay a few minutes. but the rules are very strict around here. so, mr. brashov, who's your friend ? this is my chef, rosa rivera. - i'm joe jenkins. - it's nice to mt you. i know mr. brashov can't waito get out of here, but i think you should know, he's a very lucky man. lucky ? i am sitting in a hospital. they tell me i have had a heart attack. how is this lucky ? because you're alive. and you're sitting in a really good hospital. doctors are terrific. and one of the loveliest nurses here is taking care of you. i think he likes you. - are you going to be here very long ? - only as long as it takes... to get this old ticker fixed up. right, brenda ? right. really, nurse, i am feeling much better now. i would like to leave now !
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you're not going anywhere. besides, you haven't tried our delicious food yet. delicious ! that is not what i heard. actually, the food in this hospital is very good. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if it's as good as the food at your cafe. - i dot think so. - here. take these. now i'm going to be back in a little while. - you be a good boy now and stay in bed. - okay, i promise ! farewell, my dear brenda. farewell, mr. jenkins. rosa, maybe we should close the cafe while i'm stuck here. we can't do that, mr. brashov. we'll lose customers. we can manage until you get back. but who will order the supplies ? who will check the deliveries ? who will-- please, don't think about anything but getting well. we will take care of everything. all right, rosa. oh by the way, can you get me my insurance policy ?
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here is the combination to the safe. i don't know why you bother. i've never been able to understand these forms. okay, i'm going. i'm going. thank you for coming. thank you for everything, rosa. don't worry about the cafe mr. brashov. just take care of yourself and get better. good-bye mr. jenkins. see you again. [ narrator ] whether it's a life-threatening emergency... or a medical visit planned in advance patients entering a hospital find themselves in a very different world.
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stats: 99. i think we're ready for l.v. now. [ narrator ] a hospital is like a small city, with specific rules that govern its operation. day and night, teams of professionals care for patients. good. [ announcer ] their goal is to help people get well.
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[ narrator ] even the food they serve is part of the treatment. [ narrator ] hospitals limit the hours and the number of visitors patients may have. how are you feeling ? i'm doing very well. it's so nice to see you. you too. these are for you. [ narrator ] because medical care is expensive, hospital stays tend to be short. patients may still need weeks of home care before they can return to normal activities. the hospital: a different world. a world that never sleeps.
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what are you all doing here at this hour ? you are early. so are you. we're early probably for the same reason you're early: to make sure the cafe is open as usual. the way mr. brashov would surely want it. do you know what mr. brashov would say to all of you, don't you ? yes. he would say "i am not paying you overtime for this !" and he would also say, "thank you." so, how is mr. brashov doing ? i spoke with the nurse a little while ago and she said he's doing fine. maybe we can find time to see him later when it's not too busy around here. i'm going to get something from the safe for mr. brashov. while i'm doing that you should all start working. henry, you can finish taking the chairs down. jamal, you can fill up all the salt and pepper shakers. and, katherine start setting the tables.
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- what ? - who made you the boss ? i'm sure that's what mr. brashov would want. well, i think he would feel better if i were in charge. mr. brashov might not be feeling well, but he's not that sick. the way you bark orders at people ? well, i'm sorry, but i don't know if anyone would want you in charge. katherine, i don't bark orders. i make strong suggestions. i think if only one of us is to be in charge, it ought to be me. you're in the kitchen most of the day, hidden away, out of view, where you should be. i'm sorry, but i don't know if i can work here if you are the boss. i'm positive that i can't work here if you're the boss. - i know. maybe jamal can be the boss. - what ? weren't you in charge of a bunch of people back in egypt ? well, yes, but-- you know, that's not such a bad idea. i agree. that is a good idea. i am honored. that even sounds like mr. brashov. - but i must turn down your offer. - oh, no. why ?
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my wife is out of town on business this week, and i've got my hands full with the baby. so, then, who should be in charge ? we know it can't be henry. he's too young to be a boss, and he only works part-time. i'll change my schedule if i can be the boss. not on your life. i had a hunch you might all show up early today. what ? you have been unanimously elected to be in charge of crossroads cafe. - wait ! wait ! - no way. i'm retired, remember ? these old bones are too old to work. besides, why can't one of you be in charge ? if rosa is the boss, katherine can't work. if katherine is the boss, rosa can't work. henry is too young. i have to take care of my baby this week. that leas you. how long will victor be away ? the doctor said he could probably come back in a few weeks. at the most.
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well, i suppose i could manage the cafe, but only as a volunteer and only because victor is my friend. well, it looks like we have a boss. what are you all looking at ? don't you have some work to do ? we definitely have a boss. - hi, mr. brashov. - how are you feeling ? fine, now that you are here. oh, thank you so much for coming to visit me. mr. jenkins, meet two of my-- [ brashov ] he's asleep. he does that a lot. please, sit down. so, mr. brashov, is there anything we can do for you ? please, bring me some food that i can eat. i'll make sure some of rosa's food is delivered this afternoon. oh, that would be wonderful, katherine. thank you. so, how are things at the cafe ? - things are fine. - yeah, jess is doing a great job. jess ? what does he know about managing
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a restaurant ? he's got everything under control. he's very organized. you should see the systems he's setting up. the cafe was fine the way it was. if jess wants to invent a system let him invent the system that will get me out of this hospital ! jamal, what are you doing ? this table shakes. i'm trying to make it steady. that's a good idea only the coffee machine isn't working right. that's probably more important to fix. can you do something to fix the table temporarily ? that should hold it awhile. what do you think ? looks good to me. only i've got one question. what was on that slip of paper ? oh, it was a note to myself to fix the table. [ mr. brashov ] oh, no, no more medicine. please, mrbrashov, a little cooperation. see you in a little while.
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see you soon, mr. jenkins. sorry. i am just tired of eating food that tastes like pills and pills that taste like food. excuse me. jamal ! thank you for coming. it is good to see you, mr. brashov. - what have you got there ? - a little something from rosa. nurse, meet jamal, one of my most important employees... at crossroads cafe. how do you do ? nice to meet you. is that food for mr. brashov ? yes, it was rosa's special today. - chicken and rice. - chicken and rice. that sounds wonderful. smells delicious ! oh, it is delicious. too bad you can't eat it. can't ? why not ? doctor's orders. you're on a restricted diet. you can only eat food prepared in our kitchen. it's for health reasons.
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nice meeting you jamal. nice meeting you too. sit down. so, jamal, tell me everything. - i just wanted toee how you are doing. - oh, my heart is doing better. my stomach is doing much worse. so tell me: how are things at the cafe ? i hope jess is not having too many problems. no, no. the cafe is doing fine. i better make a list... of everything i need to do. let me see. deliveries. what food and supplies do i need to order ? nothing. jess has ordered everything we need. well, then how about the bills ? i'm sure the paperwork must be a disaster. no, actually, jess has been keeping detailed records... of all the money that has been going in and out of the cafe. what about maintenance ? what needs to be repaired ? nothing. jess has made sure i keep everything in good working order.
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just the way you would. well, good, good. well, mr. brashov, i must leave now. i'll see you in a day or two. i'm glad you're feeling better. sorry about the food. thank you for visiting jamal. good-bye. good-bye. ah. come into my study. look around. what do you see ? how would you describe this room and the things that are in it ?
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in this episode, we are learning how to describe things. next, see what happens when we add the words "very" or "too"... to a description. let's try these combinations with a new set of words.
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i know you are anxious-- should i say very anxious-- to get back to the story and i am too tired to object. hi. you can have a seat anywhere. oh, i'm looking for a mr. washington. - does he know what this is about ? - i think so. - we spoke on the phone. - i'll let him know you're here. oh, what's your name ? anna brashov. - brashov. - he's my father. it's a pleasure to meet you.
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i'm katherine blake. nice to meet you. we have been so worried about your father. thank goodness it sounds like everything is going to be all right. is mr. washington around or should i come back ? no, he's here. he's in the back. - why don't you follow me ? - thanks. excuse me, jess. there's someone here to see you. - this is anna brashov. - ah, victor's daughter. how good to meet you. thank you. - i'll be in the dining room. - good. thanks, katherine. - did you have any trouble finding us ? - no, no trouble at all. can i get you something to eat or a drink of some kind ? oh, no, thanks. i can't stay very long. your mother was a beautiful woman. victor misses her terribly. can we sit down ? thank you. please.
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have you been to see your father yet ? no, i haven't. did i forget to give you the address when i called ? i'm getting so absent-minded. no, actually, i'm not going to be able to make it to the hospital. i don't understand. i thought that's why you drove down. my father and i haven't spoken to each other in a very long time. good news, jess. i found the-- i'm sorry. i didn't know you had company. i wanted to tell you that i found the part i was looking for. it's in the car. i'll go get it. thanks, jamal. that was jamal. if you don't mind, i'd like to leave something for my father. anna, i don't know what happened between you, and i don't need to know. what i do know is, he loves you very much. we were very close once. -i made some choices he didn't approve of. -that doesn't sound so terrible.
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well, we both said some things that we shouldn't have. next thing you know, we're out of each other's lives. anyway if you could give this to him when he gets back i'd appreciate it. of course. thank you, mr. washington. good-bye. good-bye. yes, rosa. okay. say hello to everybody. good-bye. so, are you going to change my bed too ? not today. your bed isn't on the schedule. pretty strict rules, if you ask me. - hello, nurse brenda. - hi, mr. brashov. how are you feeling today ? much, much better. good. so where are you hiding mr. jenkins ?
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i'm getting bored talking to myself. i'm afraid mr. jenkins didn't make it. what do you mean "didn't make it" ? he died in the operating room a little while ago. that's impossible. he was telling me jokes yesterday. we were laughing together. mr. jenkins was a very sick man. he just wasn't the type to complain. and here i am complaining about every little thing and he complained about nothing. well, we're all a little different. i will miss him. so will i. thanks. the service here is great.
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hey, what happened ? what's going on ? what happened ? - [ jamal ] i have no idea. - hey ! what's going on ? it looks like the power is out for the entire block. the building across the street is dark. even the traffic lights aren't working. [ rosa ] how am i supposed to cook ? [ henry ] what do we do about the food ? what should we do now, jess ? well, we should-- we should-- i don't know. what would victor do ? i would offer our customers cold sandwiches and cold drinks for half price. mr. brashov, you're back. yes, but only part-time for a few weeks. it's good to have you back. thank you. so, what should we do ? katherine and henry, see how many of our customers would like cold sandwiches. rosa, you and jamal start to put all the meat and fish on ice. well, victor you came in just in time. thank you, jess, for filling in while i was gone.
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believe me it's good to have you back. it is good to be back, my friend. mr. brashov, aren't you supposed to take a nap sometime in the afternoon ? no, i am fine. i don't know, victor. you're starting to look a little sleepy. checkmate. maybe i do need a little sleep. ah. i just remembered. i have something for you in back. don't tell me. it is a bill that's been buried on my desk that has never been paid. not even close. when do the doctors think you'll be able to come back to work full-time ? they say three to four weeks. i say i will be back in one week. - here, victor. - oh, what is this ? are you giving me a welcome home present ? my welcome home present to you is letting you beat me at chess.
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this is from someone else. you mean i have a secret admirer ? oh. it's a very young secret admirer. does she have a name ? i do not know. i don't understand. maybe there's a card. yes. are you all right, victor ? yes, i am fine. i have a granddaughter. can you imagine ? look at this, jess. she's a very pretty little girl, victor. you must be very proud. eva would be so happy. i wish she was here to see this. look at her eyes, jess. what do you see ? i see two eyes. her eyes look just like mine.
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and look at her nose. it is shaped just like mine. a little smaller i hope. she is like a little angel. she looks just like you. but there is one thing of mine i hope she did not inherit. what is that victor ? my appetite. closed-captioned by captions, inc. los angeles
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crossroads cafe is a series that teaches english... to speakers of other languages. for more information call toll-free:
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